Fri, May 20, 2011 - Page 2

A : Hello Mr. Chen. I represent LEXO. Could I have a word with your sales manager about when we can discuss the joint project?

B : The manager is on a business trip this week. He is not in the office.

A : When will I be able to talk with him?

B : The manager will be back next Monday at the earliest. I will discuss it with him and get back to you.

A : 陳秘書你好,我是LEXO公司的業務,想跟業務部經理確認討論合作案的會議時間。

B : 經理這一週出差,不在辦公室。

A : 我什麼時候才能跟經理確認?

B : 經理最快下週一回來,我會先跟他確認後再回覆您。