Bin Laden is late pope’s ‘miracle’: Peru leader 祕魯總統:賓拉登之死拜故教宗顯靈之賜

Tue, May 10, 2011 - Page 13

It was more than just an answer to prayer.

A US military mission that cornered and killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan was nothing short of a miracle, said Peru’s President Alan Garcia, who attributed the divine intervention to newly beatified pontiff John Paul II.

“His first miracle has been to rid the world of this incarnation of evil, this demon of hatred and criminality,” the Peruvian leader said, referring to the Al-Qaeda leader.

The late John Paul II showed uncanny timing, with his miracle falling on the very same day as a Rome ceremony beatifying him.

Pope Benedict XVI on May 1 bestowed the status of “blessed” on his predecessor in front of a million people, after the Roman Catholic Church determined that John Paul II had performed the necessary miracle for beatification.

Garcia said the late pontiff wasted no time in performing the second miracle needed for sainthood, making it possible for American commandos to find and kill their hated Al-Qaeda foe, whom they had hunted for the past decade.

“We hope that with his fall, that entire group that had hoped to spread terrorism throughout the world loses its importance,” Garcia said.

The Peruvian leader said on May 1 that the assault on bin Laden’s compound “should please US President Barack Obama and vindicate former US president George W. Bush,” whose relentless pursuit of a global “war on terror” became a central focus of US foreign and military policy during his tenure.