Sun, May 08, 2011 - Page 2

A : Paying income tax is a real pain.

B : You can also pay online. It will save lots of time.

A : How do I apply for that?

B : You have to apply for a Citizen Digital Certificate from the Ministry of the Interior, and use a card reader with a bank that provides this online service, and then you can pay your taxes.

A : 報繳所得稅真是一件很麻煩的事情。

B : 你可以選網路報稅,這樣能省下不少時間。

A : 那我需要怎樣申請?

B : 你必須先申請內政部的自然人憑證,再搭配銀行「按鍵輸入讀卡機」,就可以輕鬆繳稅。