Multi-million dollar snow paradise comes to Kaohsiung 「大港飆雪」 數億打造玩樂雪世界

Thu, Dec 31, 2009 - Page 15


It’ll be a cold day in hell when snow falls in Kaohsiung, but thanks to a new snow exhibition, you needn’t wait for snowfall to enjoy snowball fights and sledging in the city. The “Dagang Snow Racing” investment project planned by Kaohsiung City’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs has been built at a cost of several hundred million NT dollars. It is currently being exhibited for four months at the Zhenai docks, where the special effects teams from the movies Gladiator, The Day After Tomorrow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Golden Eye have been engaged in the landscape planning and construction to give a realistic simulation of a snow white world at -10°C.

The Bureau of Cultural Affairs put out a zero budget tender which was accepted by KHAM Ticket, which united the world’s best snow manufacturing specialists and teams. Visitors can try out several activities such as sledging, snow ships, racing and ice skating, and they can also enjoy the snowy landscape in the only leisure snow forest area and snowball park in Taiwan.

According to the Bureau, the park also offers bumper cars on ice, a game suitable for the whole family, and a ski exercise area for children. To give the elementary and junior high school students of Kaohsiung an opportunity to learn in the outdoors and to be able to participate in an environmentally meaningful exhibition about global warming, there is also a “snow classroom” that lets students learn how snow is formed and how it changes.

The “Dagang Snow Racing” will be on exhibit until April 4 next year, encompassing Christmas, New Year’s, the Lunar New Year, winter break and the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival. This winter, people will not have to go to Hehuan Mountain or travel to Hokkaido in Japan to see snow — they can experience the excitement of racing in the snow at the Kaohsiung docks.