Business English

Mon, Oct 12, 2009 - Page 2

A : I have two excellent candidates. Can you take a look at their resumes and give me some advice?

B : In my opinion, Paul has a lot of work experience, but he doesn’t stay at the same job very long. I think Grace is worth considering.

A : I agree. Why don’t you ask her to come for an interview tomorrow?

B : No problem.

A : 這裡有兩份我覺得不錯的履歷表,你可以給我點意見嗎?

B : 我認為Paul雖然工作經驗豐富,但都做不長久,Grace比較值得考慮。

A : 我同意你的看法,明天請她過來面試吧 。

B : 沒問題。