‘Das It-Girl’, ‘Die Bad Bank’: German gets new words 德文字典收錄新單字

Tue, Aug 25, 2009 - Page 14


Around 5,000 new words were officially added to the German language as the country’s iconic dictionary, Duden, launched its first new edition for three years.

The new version, containing 135,000 words, includes many new words an English-speaker would find familiar, several inspired by the financial crisis and a few that reflect 21st century life, such as twittern — to twitter.

As of today, Germans can now officially have der Babyblues and go to eine After-Show-Party, — while hoping that it is not eine No-Go Area.

Der Nickname and das It-Girl are other new German words taken from English that have found their way into the language of Goethe.

The financial crisis and its effects account for many of the new German entries.

Die Bad Bank requires no translation, and also appearing for the first time are Kreditklemme (credit crunch), Konjunkturpaket (stimulus package) and Abwrackpraemie (car scrappage bonus).

High profile tensions with the country’s large and poorly integrated Turkish community are also reflected in two new words Ehrenmord (honor killing) and Integrationsgipfel (integration summit).

German is infamous for its incredibly long compound nouns, and while no new words challenge the 39-letter monster Rechtschutzversicherungsgesellschaften, roughly meaning “legal insurance companies”, this year’s edition has offered Vorratsdatenspeicherung or “the saving of data relating to supplies.”

The first Duden dictionary, produced in 1880, consisted of a mere 200 pages and 27,000 words, according to the book’s Web site.(AFP)



德國人現在可以正式使用「der babyblues」(嬰兒淡藍色眼睛�產後憂鬱症),也可以參加「eine After-Show-Party」(慶功宴)──但希望那裡不是「eine No-Go Area」(禁止進入)。

「der Nickname」和「das It-Girl」是另外兩個從英文衍生的生字,顯示英文已經影響了德文。


「Die Bad Bank」(不良債權銀行)這個字的意思顯而易懂,另外「Kreditklemme」(信用緊縮)、「Konjunkturpaket」(財政刺激方案),以及「Abwrackpraemie」(車輛報廢獎金)等則是首次出現。