Security official to patrol Mount Everest 巡守聖母峰的保安官

Mon, Nov 05, 2007 - Page 14

Many robberies have recently happened on Mount Everest. Now a security official will be employed to try to stop more robberies from happening.

Last spring there were four reports of theft above base camp on the Tibetan side. People complained about losing things like oxygen bottles and food and cooking gas. But nobody could go to investigate.

To help protect climbers, Chinese authorities will have an officer work from the Advanced Base Camp starting in spring 2008. The official will work at an altitude of 6,600m. He or she will be able to investigate complaints of theft and will be allowed to search people accused of stealing.

Everest can be climbed from the south through Nepal or from the north through Tibet.

Thefts have not been reported on the southern route. There are no plans to place security officials there.(Staff Writer, with AFP)