Knuts for you! 大家來看努特!

By Catherine Thomas and Claire Lai  /  STAFF WRITERS

Tue, Apr 24, 2007 - Page 13

This is a picture of Knut. Knut is a polar bear cub that was born at the start of this year. Knut’s mother didn’t want to look after him, so zookeepers at Berlin zoo had to help him.

Thomas Doerflien carefully took Knut from his mother. Then Thomas fed him using a bottle, a little like a human baby. During the first few weeks of life, polar bear cubs need to nurse nearly all the time. When they get to three months old they nurse about six times a day.

Everyday, lots of animal lovers come to the zoo to see Knut. Twice a day he comes into the open with Thomas and splashes in a pond, jumps on rocks and plays with Thomas, just like in the picture.

Knut is four months old and is beginning to get his adult teeth. Sometimes it hurts a lot and stops him coming out to play. Last week the vets at the zoo gave him some medicine to help him. They say that Knut is feeling much better now. (Catherine Thomas, Staff Writer)