Dinosaurs come to life 活靈活現的恐龍


Wed, Jan 17, 2007 - Page 15

What does it take to bring a dinosaur to life — or at least a life-sized recreation?

Start with 296m of fabric stretched over 132m of foam. Stuff it with a kilometer of cabling, six motors and a dozen truck batteries. Program 24 computers to control the reptile's every move and cover it with 200 liters of paint.

Result: A 2-tonne Torosaurus that stomps, snorts and roars on remote-controlled demand.

The horned herbivore is one of 15 animatronic dinosaurs making their world debut in Sydney in a January stage production of the popular British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) documentary Walking with Dinosaurs.

A team of 60 designers and engineers have been working to recreate the ancient creatures, which came in two sizes — big and bigger.

Weighing more than a family car, the Torosaurus is among the smallest dinosaurs in the show.

The largest, a long-necked Brachiosaurus, measures the length of two city buses and stands more than 11m tall. And no dinosaur show would be complete without the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Behind the scenes, it takes three people to operate each reptile.

For chief creature designer Sonny Tilders, the show was his childhood dream come true.

"I certainly was a dinosaur nerd, and this is a great combination of technology and performance and creativity," said Tilders.

"Animatronics is a combination of those renaissance skills — the aesthetics and the science. That's why I love it," he said.

The 12 million Australian dollar (NT$300 million) production will tour Australia before opening in the US in July. Promoters hope to take the show to Europe and Asia later this year. (AP)




這個長角的草食動物是一月在雪梨首次展演、改編自BBC廣受歡迎的紀錄片《Walking with Dinosaurs》的秀展中十五個機器恐龍之一。 







這部斥資一千兩百萬澳幣(約三億台幣)的恐龍秀即將巡迴澳洲演出,七月再轉往美國。主辦單位希望今年稍晚再巡迴歐亞洲。 (美聯社╱翻譯︰賴美君)