Carnival in Switzerland 瑞士嘉年華

Mon, Nov 20, 2006 - Page 14

The Basel Carnival is the biggest carnival in Switzerland, and it takes place once a year between the months of February and March.

The carnival begins in the Swiss town of Basel on the Monday after Ash Wednesday. The beginning of the carnival is called the Morgestraich, and it starts at 4am on that Monday morning. All of the lights in the town are turned off, so the only light comes from the lanterns that people carry down the streets.

The carnival lasts for 72 hours and is sometimes called "the three most beautiful days."

During these three days, people dress up in costumes and wear masks. The masks can be of famous people, animals, or just funny characters. Two parades take place — one on Monday and one on Wednesday. They also throw a lot of confetti during this carnival. Some people even think that the use of confetti started here.

(Emily Shih, Staff Writer)




這三天期間,民眾會精心裝扮並戴上面具,面具可以是名人、動物或有趣的角色。有兩場遊行將舉行,一場在週一,另一場在週三。他們也會在嘉年華期間揮灑許多五彩紙片。有些人甚至認為這是揮灑五彩紙片的由來。 (翻譯:賴美君)