Kung Fu 功夫

Fri, Sep 08, 2006 - Page 20

As you probably know, Kung Fu is the practice of Chinese martial arts. The beginnings of this kind of Chinese art go back thousands of years. Legend says that a famous military general known as the Yellow Emperor was the first to spread the practice of martial arts in the year 2698 BC.

Since then, hundreds of different styles have started with their own rules and philosophies. Some of these styles try to make their movements similar to the movements of animals: quick and natural. These groups often use kicks and jumps as their main kinds of movement.

Other groups' styles are less fluid. Some use a strong, unmoving style in order to focus on the strength of the fighter instead of the movement.

Although it is largely about the movements of fighting, martial arts is usually practiced more as an interesting and often beautiful way to move and exercise the body and not as a way of actually hurting other people.

(Lynn Steger, Staff Writer)