"A hairy ride" [刺激兜風]

Thu, Mar 09, 2006 - Page 17

A Dutch artist's quest to see the family car as an actual person has had some interesting results. The artist's work gives the phrase ``a hairy ride'' a whole new meaning.

The 48-year-old artist's name is Olaf Mooij. He has put a variety of classic hairstyles on top of a range of cars, creating art he says was inspired by his father, who treated "his car like a living person."

"When I was a child, my father always said, `Well done boy!' to his car after a long drive, and gave it a friendly punch," Mooij said.

"That made an impression on me and (later) gave me the idea to give cars a personality, when I became an artist," he said.

Mooij didn't give a reason for why he matched certain cars to certain styles. He gave one car a bright orange hairdo that's long in the back and short in the front. He gave another car a samurai's topknot. A classic Mini Cooper wears a dignified grey part while a modern Mini has a black, spiked-up hairdo.

"A car represents the spirit of a certain time and represents a certain group of people. A car is alive," Mooij said.

Along with 30 other smaller artworks, the four "Hair Cars" were displayed at a Hong Kong shopping mall earlier this month.

"I try to make artworks that are related to people to help them understand art. I also want to put humor in my art that will make people smile," Mooij told reporters.

"Imagine there's a car driving down the street with beautiful, long, blond hair waving in the wind," he said.

Mooij usually lives and works in the Netherlands. He has been an artist for 23 years and has shown his work in Canada, the US and Spain. (AFP)

荷蘭一位藝術家致力於將房車視為真人,產生了一些相當有趣的結果。他的作品賦予「a hairy ride」(刺激兜風)(註: hairy 在此為雙關語,有「刺激」與「多毛」之意)全新的意義。




慕基並未說明他為何將特定的車子配上特定的髮型之理由。 他給了一輛車子前短後長的亮橘色髮型,還給另一輛車子日本武士的髮髻。一輛經典的Mini Cooper車款戴上了一頂旁分的嚴肅灰髮,現代款的Mini則有著刺蝟般的黑髮。





慕基平時在荷蘭生活並工作,身為藝術家已有二十三年的時間,作品曾在加拿大、美國與西班牙展出。  (法新社)