Christ Crowned with Thorns, an oil painting dated to around 1622 to 1639 and painted by Dutch golden age painter Matthias Stom, depicting Jesus’ Passion story, when he was mocked by Roman soldiers with a crown of thorns and a reed as scepter.
荷蘭黃金時期的巴洛克畫家馬蒂亞斯‧斯托姆油畫作品《戴上荊棘冠冕的基督》,完成於一六三三到一六三九年間,描繪耶穌(右)的受難過程,被羅馬士兵用荊棘編作冠冕戴在頭上,再以蘆葦的莖作成權杖戲弄他。Jan 19, 2019


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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