Kazakh berkutchis (eagle hunters) hold golden eagles at the opening of ‘Salburun’ during the 3rd World Nomad Games in Cholpon-Ata, 300km from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on Tuesday. Teams from 66 countries are competing in the ethnic sport games during the cultural event which started on Sept. 2 and ends today. The mission of the Games is to promote the revival and preservation of the historical heritage of the nomadic peoples of world civilization.
第三屆世界遊牧民族運動會中的「薩爾布倫」(狩獵大賽)開始時,手持金鵰的哈薩克馴鷹獵人。該賽事週二在距吉爾吉斯首都比斯凱克三百公里的喬爾蓬艾塔舉行。本屆運動會有來自六十六國的代表隊,參加九月二日至八日舉行的遊牧傳統比賽。該運動會的使命是促進世界文明中,遊牧民族歷史遺產的復興及保存。Sep 08, 2018


Photo: EPA

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