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Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung’s Houli hits over 1 million visits

The 15-meter tall main lantern “Guardian Tree of Taiwan” kicks off this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung’s Houli Forest Park Area.

Photo: Liao Yao-tung, Liberty Times

According to the Taichung City Government on Tuesday, the number of visits to the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival at Houli Park since it opened on Feb. 8 had already hit the 1,000,000 mark. Located in the Houli Forest Park Area, the main lantern show, accompanied by booming music, attracted large swathes of people for each night of the event.

This year’s main lantern is called the “Guardian Tree of Taiwan.” Its designer, artist Lin Shuen-long, has conceived within the Taichung Expo park a huge sacred tree he imagines as grown from a “seed that has fallen from Heaven,” with a glowing orb inside the trunk giving the impression of being the heart of the tree, which ascends along with the music.

A Taichung resident surnamed Lai said that this was the second time he and his wife had visited the Taiwan Lantern Festival, and after they watched the main lantern show they thought it was great, and different from the main lantern shows in the past, which have been themed on animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

A student surnamed Huang from Houli District said that she had already visited the main area three or four times, each time with different friends. She thought that this year’s lantern festival was different from previous years, and that one trip was not enough to take it all in, so she had come every day.

(Translated by Paul Cooper, Taipei Times)

台中市政府週二表示 ,二○二○年台灣燈會后里園區自八日開幕以來,參觀人次已破百萬,位於后里森林園區的主燈秀,搭配震撼音樂,每晚都吸引大批民眾駐足欣賞。

今年主燈命名為「森生守護─光之樹」 ,設計師林舜龍在台中花博設計一個「籽籽─從天上掉下了一顆種子」,這顆種子現在長成了一棵大神木,樹身裡的一顆光球,彷彿大樹的心臟,會隨著展演音樂緩升。




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