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A : After what you said, I did some research on face masks and it seems they are a double-edged sword: they give people a false sense of security.

B : Yep. That’s because people fiddle with their masks throughout the day.

A : Yes, that’s what I read. This transfers bacteria to your fingers, which could then spread onto other surfaces.

A : 聽完你說的以後,我去認真研究了一下口罩,結果看起來口罩是個雙面刃:它們讓人產生一種錯誤的安全感。

B : 是啊。那是因為人們一整天下來,經常會不斷調整他們的口罩。

A : 沒錯,這就是我讀到的。這樣的行為會把細菌傳到你的手指上,然後再散播到其他的表面上。

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