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A: It’s scary how time flies; another year bites the dust.

B: Don’t remind me, another year older: I don’t want to face up to the fact.

A: Last year, you told me that your family prepared a mountain of food including radish cakes and New Year cakes. Are you going to be as busy this year?

B: I think so. I’ll call home tonight to see if they need me to lend a hand.

A: 時間過得這麼快還真可怕,轉眼之間又要過年了。

B: 不要提醒我啦,我又老了一歲,真不想面對這個事實。

A: 去年你跟我說,你們家過年做了一大堆蘿蔔糕跟年糕等,今年也是這麼忙嗎?

B: 我想應該是吧,晚上我會打個電話回家問問有沒有需要幫忙的。

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