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B: Talking of year-end banquets, something really miraculous happens every year.

A: What do you mean?

B: For many years, I’ve been giving monthly donations to help disadvantaged groups and stray animals. I even adopted a child. Every year, these costs added up to almost exactly the same as what I get from the banquets.

A: Amazing: perhaps a higher being was rewarding you for your generosity.

B: 說到尾牙這種東西,其實每年都有很神奇的事情發生。

A: 怎麼說?

B: 好幾年來,我每個月都會固定捐款給弱勢團體和流浪動物,甚至還認養小孩。每年這些支出算起來,都跟我在尾牙獲得的獎金差不多。

A: 真神奇:可能就是好人有好報吧。

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