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A: I decided not to eat lunch today, so I can really stuff myself at tonight’s banquet.

B: That’s a really bad idea. Are you going to perform? You need to eat something, otherwise you might faint on stage from low blood sugar.

A: Alright then, I’ll grab something light for dinner later on.

B: Good luck with the performance. Break a leg!

A: 我決定今天不吃午餐,這樣晚上尾牙的時候才能夠大吃一頓。

B: 這主意不好吧!你不是要上台表演嗎?最好還是要吃一點東西,以免血糖太低在台上昏倒。

A: 好吧,那我稍晚就先去吃點簡單的晚餐。

B: 演出加油,祝你上台順利!

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