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A: I’m shattered. For the past two days I’ve been taking dance classes during my lunch break to prepare for tomorrow’s performance.

B: Hey, that’s not right: Employees have a right to a lunch break.

A: Actually, I practiced for another half an hour after work today and management said they would pay me overtime.

B: That’s better. You should go to bed early: Tomorrow’s the big day.

A: 我累壞了。這兩天我們中午休息的時候都在學舞,為明天尾牙演出做準備。

B: 嘿,這樣不對吧︰午休時間是員工的權益耶。

A: 其實,我今天下班後又練了半小時,公司說會給我加班費。

B: 好吧。那你早點去休息︰明天就要上場了。

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