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A: So you didn’t need to prepare a special program for your company’s year-end banquet?

B: Nope. It was on Friday last week. I went there with an empty mind and stomach and just ate my fill.

A: Did you win any interesting prizes?

B: Strangely, I kept narrowly missing out, but then I finally won a bonus prize.

A: 所以你不用為公司尾牙準備特別節目嗎?

B: 不用啊,我們尾牙是上週五,我就腦袋空空、肚子空空的去,然後大吃一頓。

A: 那你有抽到什麼有趣的獎品嗎?

B: 說也奇怪,獎品都跟我擦身而過,沒想到最後卻抽到獎金。

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