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B: Did it work? Do you think it helped make you more courageous?

A: My mom said it had zero effect; when I was little I cried all the time. When we moved house, they threw the stone away.

B: Oh, that’s a shame. Not you, I mean that stone; it hadn’t done anything wrong.

A: They found it in the wild and returned it to nature!

B: 結果呢?你覺得小時候做膽有讓你變得更勇敢嗎?

A: 我媽說根本沒用︰我小時候很容易哭鬧。後來搬家的時候,他們就把那顆石頭丟了。

B: 好可憐哦。我不是說你,我是說石頭︰那顆石頭是無辜的啊。

A: 那本來就是從野外撿回來的,只是再放回去好嗎!

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