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B: Drawing a circle on an infant’s chest with a stone is the most traditional custom for instilling courage.

A: That’s impressive knowledge.

B: I’ve heard of a similar Hakka custom involving hen and duck eggs. Stones are placed beneath an infant’s bed and kept there while they grow up.

A: True. That’s why, afterwards, my brother and his wife took the stones home.

B: 拿石頭在小嬰兒的胸口畫圓,這其實才是最傳統的「做膽」習俗哦。

A: 你真的很懂耶。

B: 我聽說客家人的習俗有時候還會加入雞蛋跟鴨蛋。石頭會放在嬰兒床下,陪伴嬰兒成長。

A: 真的耶,後來我弟他們就把那三顆石頭帶回家了。

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