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A: Something confused me: Before swimming, the nurse dipped imitation celery and spring onion in the water and touched them on the baby’s head.

B: It’s a kind of prayer. In Chinese, celery is a homonym for “hard working” and spring onion sounds like “intelligent.”

A: Even more baffling, a staff member took three stones and asked my sister-in-law to dip them in the water and draw a circle on her child’s chest.

A: 不過,有件事讓我有些困惑。在游泳之前,那邊的護理人員拿出了芹菜跟蔥的模型,沾一點水點在小孩的頭上。

B: 那是中文的諧音啊,就跟拜拜一樣,芹菜象徵勤勞,蔥代表聰明。

A: 接下來我又更納悶了。那邊的人員拿出了三顆石頭,要我弟媳沾水後在小寶寶的胸口畫圓。

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