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A: I should update my prescription too. Where did you get your glasses?

B: I went to one of those “instant” optometrists. They make the lens while you wait.

A: How long did it take?

B: That’s a long story: it was supposed to take only 30 minutes, but mine took a lot longer.

A: 我也該更新我的眼鏡度數了。你的新眼鏡在哪買的啊?

B: 我去那種可以立即取件的驗光師眼鏡行,你可以當場等他們把鏡片配好。

A: 你花了多久時間?

B: 這故事說來話長:本來應該只要三十分鐘,但是我的眼鏡花了更久時間才拿到。

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