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A: Good news: I talked to the people in the apartment upstairs about the noise.

B: Oh? How did it go?

A: They seem really nice. They had no idea the soundproofing is so bad and promised to keep the noise down.

B: Great. We’re so lucky to have friendly neighbors. Now all we have to do is deal with the cockroaches...

A: 好消息︰我跟樓上公寓的人談過噪音的問題了。

B: 喔?談得順利嗎?

A: 他們看起來人還不錯,他們也不知道原來隔音這麼差,而且保證會降低音量。

B: 太棒了!我們有這麼友善的鄰居真幸運,現在要做的就剩下對付蟑螂了……。

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