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A: Hello. I’m back from the shops.

B: Did you remember to buy the cockroach poison?

A: Yep, I bought a super-high-quality version. The poison is mixed with hops and sweet mineral water. Apparently cockroaches can’t resist these delicacies.

B: I really hope it works. Cockroaches make my skin crawl.

A: 哈囉,我從商店回來囉。

B: 你有記得買蟑螂藥嗎?

A: 有,我買了一款超強效的。這種藥還混合了啤酒花和甜味礦泉水,顯然小強無法抗拒這樣的美食。

B: 我真希望這種藥有效,小強讓我起雞皮疙瘩。

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