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A: Wow, pumpkin pie. I’ve never tasted it before.

B: Try some, it’s homemade. My friend is an excellent baker.

A: Mmm, it’s delicious. I just realized, the pumpkin flesh from the hollowed-out jack-o’-lanterns isn’t wasted: it’s used to make the pie.

B: I didn’t think of that, but now you mention it, it makes perfect sense.

A: 哇,南瓜派,我以前從來沒吃過耶。

B: 嚐一些吧,是手工自製的,我朋友是很棒的烘焙師。

A: 嗯,好吃耶。我剛才想到,這樣從南瓜燈裡挖出來的果肉就不會浪費了︰可以拿來製作南瓜派。

B: 這我倒沒想過,既然你提到了,似乎很有道理。

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