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B: Mmm . . . this coffee tastes good, but it has a complex flavor I can’t quite put my finger on.

A: Vietnamese coffee has a buttery, nutty taste with fruity flavor overtones.

B: So it does.

A: According to my guide book, that’s because coffee beans in Vietnam are dried under the sun for an extended period of time.

B: 嗯……這咖啡很好喝,但有股我說不出來的複雜風味。

A: 越南咖啡會有股淡淡的奶油味、堅果味、和一點點果香。

B: 真的耶。

A: 根據我的旅遊指南,那是因為越南的咖啡豆會被放在太陽下多烘乾一段時間的關係。

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