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B: Oh my God. Look at you, you’re as red as a lobster.

A: I don’t know what happened. I applied loads of suntan lotion, but I somehow still managed to get sunburnt.

B: I did warn you, but you never listen... Wait a minute. I think I remembered to pack some aloe vera gel. You’re going to need it.

B: 喔天啊,妳看妳曬得跟龍蝦一樣紅。

A: 我也不知道是怎麼回事,明明有擦不少防曬乳,但還是曬傷了。

B: 我有提醒妳喔,但妳就是不聽……等一下,我記得打包時有帶了一些蘆薈膠,妳應該用得上。

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