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C: We’ve arrived at your hotel. That will be 700,000 Vietnamese Dong.

B: Wait a minute, you said it would be a maximum of 500,000 and it says only 530,000 on the meter.

C: The number on the meter is the distance of the trip in kilometers. The total cost is 700,000 Dong.

A: This is blatant overcharging. Just give the driver 500,000.

C: 你們的飯店到了,總共是七十萬越南盾。

B: 等一下,你不是說最多五十萬越南盾,而且里程表上只顯示五十三萬。

C: 不是啦,里程表上的數字是這趟行程的公里數,總共應該是七十萬越南盾。

A: 這根本是公然超收嘛,給駕駛五十萬就好了。

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