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Pingtung artist showcases collection of 3,000 hand drawn postcards
數千張明信片書寫「台灣家書」 林磐聳教授開展

Asia University professor Lin Pang-soong stands in front of a display of his hand-drawn postcards at Pingtung Art Museum on Sept. 10.

Photo: Chiu Chih-jou, Liberty Times

Lin Pang-soong, a native of Pingtung County’s Donggang Township, is rated as one of the world’s top 100 graphic designers. For several decades, Lin has been sending hand-drawn postcards to friends and family in Taiwan. To date Lin has produced over 3,000 postcards; each with a different drawing of Taiwan. Next month, Taiwan Design Expo will open in Lin’s home county, Pingtung. Lin seized the opportunity to hold a personal exhibition, which will be held at Pingtung Art Museum. Last week Premier Su Tseng-chang attended a soft opening of the expo to lend his support.

Lin says that for many years, he has sent a postcard back home from each place he has visited while traveling around the globe. Lin has inscribed at beautiful picture of Taiwan on each postcard. They capture both his artistic talent and his deep love for his country.

In 1975, Lin left Pingtung for Taipei to further his education. Since then, for four decades Lin has been sharing his travels through sending postcards, which have the benefit of being both convenient to carry and easy to obtain, says Lin. During his travels, Lin would draw a simple design of Taiwan onto each postcard in an expression of nostalgia for his native land, but Lin would also incorporate any momentary impressions, feelings or thoughts into the drawing.

The date and location of each postmark captures a unique record of each moment in space and time. While traveling in Europe, Lin says he was often unable to find a postbox and his most vivid memory is of mailing a postcard from Russia, because to this day, he has yet to receive it. Lin says that in today’s digital age, he hopes that visitors to his exhibition will be able to sense the warmth and emotion of hand drawings.

In addition to the postcards, the exhibition also features artwork dating back to 1976, produced while studying at National Taiwan Normal University’s (NTNU) Department of Fine Arts, on loan from the university’s collection of artwork by NTNU alumni and Art Bank Taiwan. The exhibition runs through Oct. 31 at Pingtung Art Museum with a parallel exhibition scheduled for Oct. 10 and 20 at Seto City Art Museum in Japan.

(Translated by Edward Jones, Taipei Times)






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