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A: I’m going to choose the next dish. This one looks interesting. Oh hold on, I don’t like crab. Err, maybe I’ll try this one. No, I don’t eat sesame seeds. Maybe this one.

B: Stop dithering: You’ll cause a pileup on the conveyor belt.

A: Argh ... help! The plates are falling off.

C: Excuse me sir, I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for that.

A: 我準備要選下一盤了,這一盤看起來很有趣。等一下,我不喜歡螃蟹。嗯,或許試試這個。不,我也不吃芝麻。或許這個好了。

B: 嘿別再猶豫了︰如果你一直這麼做會害輸送帶大塞車。

A: 啊……幫幫我!盤子掉下來啦。

C: 不好意思,你們還是要付那幾盤的錢喔。

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