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A: I’m so confused by all the different types of sushi.

B: Here’s a crash course: nigiri are thin slices of raw fish on top of a small piece of rice. Then there are two types of rolled sushi: maki has the seaweed on the outside; uramaki has seaweed on the inside.

A: I just saw a large cone-shaped sushi.

B: That’s temaki; It’s hand-rolled to order, with crispy seaweed on the outside.

A: 這些各式各樣的壽司真令人眼花撩亂。

B: 我幫你上一堂速成課︰像那種細條狀、飯上還有生魚肉的叫做「握壽司」。另外還有兩種壽司是捲起來的︰「卷壽司」外面包著海苔,「花壽司」海苔包在裡面。

A: 我剛才還看到一種圓錐型的大壽司耶。

B: 那是「手卷壽司」,在點購時用手現捲的,外層捲著酥脆的海苔。

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