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B: The next thing you should do is recommend some good local restaurants, and tell them where the nearest bus or train station is.

A: That’s a good idea. I know when I arrive in a new place, I like to know where to find things.

B: I suggest you draw a simple map of the area. Or better still, drive them around for a while and point out places they might find useful.

B: 接下來你該做的,就是推薦他們一些當地的好餐廳,然後跟他們說最近的公車站牌或火車站在哪裡。

A: 真是一個好主意。我知道當我抵達一個新地方,都想知道哪裡可以找到我需要的東西。

B: 我建議你畫一張該地區簡單的地圖。或是更好一點,載他們到處晃一陣子,並指出他們可能會覺得有用的地方。

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