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Police officers in Kaohsiung pull off a purr-fect rescue
搶救失母流浪小黑貓家族 派出所大動員

Trainee police officers pose for a photo with a rescued kitten at Youchang police station in Kaohsiung’s Nanzih District.

Photo: Tsai Ching-hua, Liberty Times

On Sunday, police officers at Youchang police station in Kaohsiung’s Nanzih District discovered a litter of young kittens. They noticed a trail of paw prints in the station’s basement. The officers later discovered the body of the the kittens’ mother, and believe she was probably killed by a stray dog when foraging for food. Two kind-hearted police officers, Hu Hsu-ming and Tseng Yen-chiu, dipped into their own pockets and arranged for an animal charity to collect the body. The four kittens were left with no mother to look after them, however.

One of the litter of four, a black kitten, was hiding within a gap in the wall of the police station and would not come out, even when tempted by food. After coming off duty, police officers at the station tried to lure the kitten from its hiding place, but to no avail. In the end they had to return home with their tails hanging between their legs.

Concerned that the kitten might starve trapped behind the wall, officer Lin Yen-Tsun drafted in six trainee officers, who took it in turns to try to rescue the kitten. The trainees tried playing audio of meowing cats on their mobile phones, and even tried mimicking a cat’s meow themselves, in an attempt to get the kitten to come out.

When the trainees came off duty they tried to care for the kitten as best they could, concerned its life was in danger as it had not eaten for several days. They stood watch beside the wall until the kitten mustered up the courage to pop its head out from behind the wall. Everyone crowded round to help, and between them they successfully managed to rescue the young animal, although one officer received a scratch to their hand in the process.

The police station later posted a message on a local community Facebook page, asking for people to adopt the kittens. Two of the kittens have already found a new home with a cat-loving member of the public, while police officer Hu — who is also a cat lover — has adopted the two remaining kittens.

(Translated by Edward Jones)








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