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A: The next year they used traditional Amis methods, making the raft using rattan palms to bind together 11 lengths of bamboo.

B: So researchers believe prehistoric peoples may have entered the Japanese archipelago from Taiwan?

A: Yes, several years ago, archaeological digs in Okinawa uncovered human bones which suggest that prehistoric peoples living in Okinawa may have come across the sea from Taiwan.

A: 隔年他們改採用阿美族祖先傳承下來的手工藝,用黃藤把十一根竹子綁在一起,打造出竹筏。

B: 你的意思是說,研究人員認為史前時代人類可能是從台灣進入日本列島的嗎?

A: 是啊,因為這幾年沖繩挖到古代的人類骨骸,他們從人骨構造研判,沖繩列島的史前人類很可能是從臺灣跨海遷徙過去的。

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