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A: Different Tao communities have their own cultural traditions; even the way they tie together flying fish is different.

B: I like the way one community catches flying fish: After sunset, they tiptoe down to the seashore before climbing into traditional canoes and silently floating off into the night to catch fish.

A: Maintaining silence throughout is showing their respect for nature.

B: That’s right.

A: 同樣是達悟族,不同部落都有自己的文化和風俗習慣,就連綁飛魚的方法也不一樣。

B: 我很喜歡其中一個部落捕飛魚的習慣:日落後才出發,躡手躡腳地走到海邊,搭上傳統的獨木舟,悄悄地駛向黑夜出海捕飛魚。

A: 過程中保持肅靜,是他們對大自然的尊重。

B: 沒錯。

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