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A: The nuclear waste storage is located in an area with few residents and Taipower Co has provided compensation.

B: But sometimes having money isn’t a good thing. Many of the local people wait until the compensation is handed out before putting on ceremonies since they’re expensive.

A: If all Aboriginal communities held ceremonies on the same day, the island’s cultural diversity would be gradually reduced, though.

A: 其實,核廢料貯存場設置在居民很少的地方,台電也有提供補償款。

B: 有時候,有錢並不一定是件好事。自從設置貯存場後,很多部落都要等到補償款發下來,才開始籌辦祭典,畢竟那是一筆不小的開銷。

A: 每個部落都在同一天舉辦祭典的話,文化的多元性好像也會慢慢減少。

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