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A: Drying fish sounds similar to Japan’s practice of drying and salting fish.

B: Yep, the fish are cleaned and gutted, rubbed with salt and air-dried. It’s similar, but the Tao have one really interesting tradition.

A: What’s that? Do they hold a special ceremony while air-drying the fish?

B: Yes. They pay special attention to the direction of the fish so that their heads are facing toward the sea in a nod of respect to where they came from.

A: 把魚曬乾,聽起來好像日本一夜干的作法哦。

B: 是啊,清理魚的內臟、再抹上鹽、風乾,兩者確實很像,不過達悟族有一項傳統很有意義。

A: 怎麼說?他們風乾時有特殊的儀式嗎?

B: 可以這麼說。達悟族曬魚的時候會固定魚的方向,讓魚頭朝向大海,表示尊重魚的來源。

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