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A: The strange thing was her blood sugar levels and blood pressure were normal, as was her speaking: she could answer all the doctors’ questions.

B: So what was the problem?

A: I’ve no idea. I hope it wasn’t something to do with her heart.

B: When it gets hot, some people can’t take constantly going between air conditioned rooms and outdoors.

A: 最神秘的是那名女性量完血糖血壓,數值一切正常,講話還是中氣十足,也能夠回答醫生問的各種問題。

B: 那到底是什麼問題啊?

A: 我也不知道,希望不是心血管方面的問題。

B: 天氣一變熱,頻繁在冷氣房跟戶外進出,有些人的心臟真的會受不了。

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