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A: The people around had no idea what was the matter, but they were all really kind and ran off looking for a doctor.

B: So, you mean that the woman who’d fallen to the floor was unconscious?

A: Then someone patted her on the back, but she wouldn’t come to.

B: You must be careful when this happens. They should have laid her on her back, and checked her breathing and that her respiratory tract was clear.

A: 當時我們附近的人都不知道她怎麼了,但大家都很熱心,跑去找醫生來。

B: 所以你是說,那位跌到地上的女性是失去意識了嗎?

A: 嗯,然後有人拍了拍她的背,她卻怎麼樣都叫不醒。

B: 這種事發生時要很小心耶,他們應該要先讓她正面朝上,檢查呼吸,確保呼吸道暢通。

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