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A: I remember, when I was a kid, we went for a day on the water and hired an inflatable dinghy; then, we suddenly hit a section of rapids, the dinghy hit a rock and my classmate was thrown into the river.

B: And was he ever seen again?

A: Of course he was. Actually, the water was shallow. He just walked to the bank.

A: 我記得小時候有一天跟同學一起去玩水,還租了一艘充氣橡皮艇,沒想到突然遇到一段急流,橡皮艇撞上一塊岩石,我同學就被拋進水裡了。

B: 你後來還有再看到他嗎?

A: 當然有啦,還好水不深,他自己走回岸上了。

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