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A: I know, but I don’t want to go to the ENT clinic. The doctors will just say it’s rhinitis and prescribe drugs.

B: What’s wrong with that?

A: Nothing at all, but the doc will give me antihistamines, and they make me really drowsy. I can’t go to work when I’m like that.

B: Why don’t you try Chinese medicine?

A: 我知道啊,但我不想去看耳鼻喉科,醫生只會說那是鼻炎,然後開藥。

B: 那有什麼不對的嗎?

A: 醫生說的沒錯啦,但他會開抗組織胺給我吃,吃了就會好想睡覺,根本不能上班。

B: 你怎麼不試試看中醫呢?

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