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A: Argh, I’ve had enough of this. My nose is driving me nuts, it keeps running and is so itchy. I keep wanting to sneeze.

B: Do you have a cold?

A: I think it’s just an allergy. This always happens when the weather gets hot.

B: Your voice is very nasal. It sounds like your allergy is quite serious.

A: 天啊,我受夠了。我的鼻子真是讓人抓狂,一直流鼻涕,而且還好癢,好想打噴嚏。

B: 你感冒了嗎?

A: 我覺得應該只是過敏,只要天氣一變熱就會這樣。

B: 你現在聽起來鼻音好重,感覺過敏真的很嚴重耶。

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