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A: Listen, I know you said your insomnia is difficult to cure, but have you tried reducing exposure to blue light before bedtime?

B: Yes. I even got an optometrist to make some anti-blue light lenses for my glasses.

A: And?

B: Well, what do you think? Obviously a total waste of money: it didn’t make a jot of difference.

A: 聽我說,我知道你說你失眠很難改善,但你有沒有試過在睡前減少暴露在藍光下的時間?

B: 有哇,我甚至還請驗光師幫我的眼鏡配一副抗藍光的鏡片。

A: 成效如何?

B: 你覺得呢?當然是把錢丟到水裡啦,完全沒有任何差別。

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