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A: A few days after he’d had the tattoo my brother came out in a fever, and the place he’d had the tattoo became swollen and started secreting pus.

B: Eww. That sounds bad. Did he go to see a doctor?

A: Yes. The doctor said that some people are allergic to certain pigments used in tattoos, but anyway, there’s no point crying over spilled milk.

A: 結果我弟刺青完沒幾天就發燒了,刺青的地方腫起來,一直流組織液。

B: 天啊,這太嚴重了,他有去看醫生嗎?

A: 有啊。醫生說,有些人對刺青用的特定幾種顏料過敏,但是木已成舟。

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