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A: So, how long will the tattoo transfer last?

B: Generally speaking, it should last for a week, as long as you don’t scrub it.

A: Oh, but I need to go to a get-together with my general manager the day after tomorrow, so I’ll have to wash it off.

B: Wipe it with alcohol and it will flake off, but only you would put a tattoo on your neck like that.

A: 所以,這紋身貼紙可以維持多久啊?

B: 基本上應該可以維持一個星期,如果你沒有特別去刷它。

A: 啊,可是我後天要陪總經理去聚餐,我得洗掉才行。

B: 用酒精擦拭,貼紙就會剝落了,但話說回來,只有你會在脖子上貼紋身貼紙吧。

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