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A: First, wash the part of skin you want to tattoo, and dry it off. Next, peel off the see-through film layer, and soak it in water for 10 seconds. Then apply the design to your skin.

B: That’s 10 seconds. I’m going to put the tattoo on now.

A: Once you’ve done that, be careful not to move it, otherwise the design will go out of shape.

B: Whoops. Too late!

A: 首先,你要把想貼紋身貼紙的皮膚部位洗乾淨,並且保持乾燥。接下來撕掉那層透明的膜,貼紙泡水十秒,再把有圖案那面貼在皮膚上。

B: 十秒到了,我要來貼紋身貼紙啦。

A: 貼好以後小心別亂動,不然圖案會變形哦。

B: 啊,來不及了!

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