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A: Eh? What are those colorful designs on your arms? Have you had a tattoo?

B: No, these are tattoo transfers I bought online. They look cool, and they’re made in Taiwan.

A: Wow. I want some now. Do you have any spare I can have? Show me how to do it.

B: Sure thing.

A: 咦?你的手腕跟手臂上怎麼會有那麼多彩色小圖案?你去刺青嗎?

B: 不是啦,這些是我上網買的紋身貼紙,它們看起來很炫吧,還是台灣製造的哦。

A: 哇,我突然也想貼了。你還有多的可以給我嗎?教我怎麼貼吧。

B: 好哇。

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